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Savills Portugal was nominated as exclusive agent to carry out the commercialisation process of the office building The Tower Oeiras. This building, available for lease, is located near the Oeiras Parque Shopping Centre and offers units of up to 460 sq.m per floor.


Excellent location in the Oeiras business area and close to the national headquarters of several multinationals


The only building in that zone with more than 4,000 sq.m available


Ideal for companies looking for the wellbeing of their employees offering excellent outdoor areas

External Services

Diversity of commerce and services around the building


Visibility from A5 Highway


The Tower Oeiras building is located in the northern side of Oeiras, on Rua do Silval. This area is well known for the business parks that surround it: "Lagoas Park" and "Quinta da Fonte", where the headquarters of national and international companies are located. It also has good accessibility, with the A5 motorway, which connects Lisbon to Cascais, just a few metres from the buildings.

How to arrive?

Address Rua do Silval, nº 38
2780-373 Oeiras
Car A5 Highway (Lisbon - Cascais) - 2 minutes
Marquês de Pombal Square - 15 minutes
A1 Highway (North) - 20 minutes
A2 Highway (South) - 15 minutes
Bus - Vimeca 106 - Falagueira (Estação) Carcavelos
111 - Oeiras (Estação) - Paço de Arcos (Estação)
112 - Oeiras (Estação) - Belas
122 - Oeiras (Estação) -Talaíde
Train Oeiras Station - 3.1 Km
Santo Amaro de Oeiras Station - 3.6 Km
Airport Humberto Delgado Airport
18 minutes by car


Sports Holmes Place Club Oeiras - 1.1 Km
Fitness Hut Oeiras - 1.7 Km
Holmes Place Quinta da Fonte - 2.5 Km
Parks Parque dos Poetas - 1.0 Km
Parque do Jamor - 6.7 Km
Medical Care Hospital da Luz Oeiras - 1.3 Km
UCSP Paço de Arcos - 1.4 Km
Shopping Oeiras Parque - 900 m
Fórum Oeiras - 750 m
Leroy Merlin Oeiras - 800 m
Schools Colégio S. Francisco de Assis - 2.2 Km
Os Pequenos Marqueses - 1.1 Km
Colégio da Torre - 2.8 Km
Beachs Carcavelos - 6.5 Km
Santo Amaro - 3.8 Km



5,500 sq.m


267 spaces


The Tower Oeiras has been refurbishment and it’s ready to receive the new tenants’ Fit Out
12th Floor Total Offices 459 sq.m Occupied
11th Floor Total Offices 459 sq.m Available View
10th Floor Total Offices 459 sq.m Occupied
9th Floor A Offices 229 sq.m Occupied
B* Offices 229 sq.m Available View
8th Floor Total Offices 459 sq.m Occupied
7th Floor A Offices 229 sq.m Occupied
B* Offices 229 sq.m Occupied
6th Floor Total Offices 459 sq.m Available View
5th Floor A Offices 229 sq.m Occupied
B* Offices 229 sq.m Available View
4th Floor A Offices 229 sq.m Occupied
B* Offices 229 sq.m Occupied
3rd Floor 3.11 Offices 22 sq.m Occupied
3.10 Offices 22 sq.m Occupied
3.9 Offices 25 sq.m Occupied
3.8 Offices 40 sq.m Occupied
3.7 Offices 32 sq.m Occupied
3.6 Offices 42 sq.m Occupied
3.5 Offices 20 sq.m Occupied
3.4 Offices 20 sq.m Occupied
3.3 Offices 32 sq.m Occupied
3.2 Offices 40 sq.m Occupied
3.1 Offices 25 sq.m Occupied
2nd Floor 2.4 Offices 77 sq.m Occupied
2.3 Offices 106 sq.m Occupied
2.2 Offices 106 sq.m Occupied
2.1 Offices 77 sq.m Occupied
1st Floor 1.8 Offices 25 sq.m Occupied
1.7 Offices 40 sq.m Occupied
1.6 Offices 32 sq.m Occupied
1.5 Offices 40 sq.m Occupied
1.4 Offices 40 sq.m Occupied
1.3 Offices 32 sq.m Occupied
1.2 Offices 40 sq.m Occupied
1.1 Offices 25 sq.m Occupied



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